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Atanas Vladimirov (12)

Atanas Vladimirov - born 1949

Member of Ruse Artists Society
Solo exhibitions in the cities of Ruse, Silistra, Kotel, Zheravna, Sofia, Paris

Eleonora Hristova (20)

Hristova  Eleonora

Born: 04.17.1976, Sofia,

Finished:National Academy of Art, Sofia

Favorite techniques:dry point, linocut, etching…

Some participation:

International Print Biennials: VARNA – Bulgaria 2001, 2003, 2007; ROTARY CLUB ACQUI TERME, ITALIA 2003

EXLIBRIS competitions:WEDSTRIJD SINT-NIKLAAS 2003; Zacatecas, Mexico 2006, 2010;

“Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago” Italy -2008, 2010, 2012

Print Exhibition: Greece 2002; LESSEDRA 2002, 2003; “YJITCE” 2003; Bitola 2009; Macedonia 2010; Slovenia 2008

Competitions of Stage Posters: Sofia 2007; Mexico 2007

Self exhibition- National Bulgarian Radio 2011

Katerina Evgenieva (33)

Katerina Evgenieva Bobeva - born in Shumen, 23 august 1977

Stancho Stanew (32)


Stancho Stanev - born in Varna, Bulgaria 1954

With the paintings presented here Mr Stanev shows his skills in the area of traditional chinese painting art and caligraphy . We have presented arounf thirty paintings with major themes from traditional chinese arts – „mountains and waters”, „people” and „flowers and birds”.Behing the outside beauty you can discover hidden wisdom and knowledge. In considerable part of his works you can notice the signs of the traditional eastern symbolics, typical for the easter thinking and attitude. In his paintings Mr Stanev beseides the above mentioned also incorporated several types of art drawing is skillfully matched with exquisit characters specially made red seals, objects of carving art. The red seal carries very important role in the chinese fine arts. It is like the fullstop in a sentence.When a chinese master puts the seal then it is ready.In the beginning of year 2012 presented two of his paintings in Hong Kong at a big international exhibition of traditional chinese fine arts and caligraphy. His paintings left deep impression on the visitors and experts.

Stephan Katzarov (7)

Stephan Katzarov - born 1937

Member of Ruse Artists Society
Solo exhibitions in Ruse, Stara Zagora, Silistra, Sevlievo

Todor Delev (13)

Todor Delev - born 1942 

Member of rhe Ruse Artists Society
Solo exhibitions in the following cities: Ruse, Karlovo, Silistra, Sofia

Ivan Angelov (8)

Ivan Stefanov Angelov - born in Vidin, 1965.

Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts "Ilia Petrov", Sofia and National Art Academy Sofia, fresco.

Dobromir Strezov (5)

Dobromir Strezov, born 1978.Graduated from the National Art Academy, ceramics; Master Space Design.

Deals mainly with painting, advertising, design.

Rozalia Lefedjiiska-Doncheva (22)

Rozalia Lefedjiiska-Doncheva

Born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria in 1971.
Lives and works in Varna, Bulgaria

Private Academy of Fine Arts "Jules Pascin", Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001.

"Aveart" gallery Varna, Bulgaria
Gallery "Otto", Varna, Bulgaria
Art Center "Mistral", Varna, Bulgaria
Gallery "Blamar", Varna, Bulgaria
Gallery "Krisiart", Varna, Bulgaria
Gallery "Malchers," Tryavna, Bulgaria
Gallery "Art +" Burgas, Bulgaria

    - "40 years after the moon landing"
        Gallery 19 University "Temple", Rome, Italy, May 2010

     -Bertrand Kass Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria, 19. July -03. August 2010

     -Arte Fiera di Reggio Emilia, Italy, 26-29 November 2010
     -International Fair of Contemporary Art MESSE Innsbruck, Austria, 2 - February 6, 2011

     -Solo exhibition "Revelations with the smell of sea," Festa Hotel Sofia, 06.06-28 .06.2013
     -Solo exhibition "Revelations with the smell of sea," Complex Via Rontika Pomorie, 03.07-02 .08.2013

Ivan Kanchev (13)

Proff. Ivan Kantchev
Born 1950 , Gabene, Gabrovo

1969 School of applied arts Sofia
1976 Academy Nicolae Grogerescu, Bucharest, Romania, major glass with proff. Zoe Baikoianu
1997 Ass. Proff. Shumen University Preslavski
2007 Proffossor - Art theory and fine arts
1982 Member of Bulgarian artists union

International simposiums of painitng, satire, ceramics, sculpture – over 30 participations.

Dozens of exebitions particpations, solo exebitions - local, regional, national and international.
Curator of exebitions and events.

Work at galleries and museums:
Korea, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.
Private collections:

Germany, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Russian, UK, France, USA
and Belgium


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Beneath a scarlet sky

Beneath a scarlet sky

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Discounts info
Price: 17.00lv.
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Rule through fear

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Dory Fantasmagory

Dory Fantasmagory

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How not to die

How not to die

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Discounts info
Price: 20.00lv.
List Price: 25.00lv.
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Eat to Live

Eat to Live

Price: 20.00lv.